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by Patricia Osborn Baker

This is a wonderful story about a little dog named, Lilli. Lilli lives a very happy life with her mommy and has two best friends, Babette and Reggie.

MacCormack Motors


This is a work of fiction written by an author that has spent twenty five years selling cars and trucks, new and used. There are many unusual people and unusual things that happened during that period. Read the book. Judge for your self this amazing story that was based upon many true events that happened during that period.

My Collection of Original Desserts: The Art of Creative Baking


by Nikos Ligidakis

Award-winning chef and author Nikos Ligidakis demonstrates in his books his priceless culinary knowledge. Nikos gained national acclaim for combining the Mediterranean region’s cuisine in all its tantalizing flavors and with the full force of imagination. His cuisines are exotic and familiar, and his charitable work and idiosyncratic cooking style have made him a local legend.

My Heroes, My Town Conversations With A Child


by Nikos Ligidakis

About the book

“As a child, I had the desire to understand all things. It was my curiosity that led me to level my ears into conversations of the elders who had gathered in my father’s taverna. Time and again, words of wisdom were spoken by the crowd who frequented the taverna. They told stories about brave people, sang songs about life and love, and seemed content with the simplicity of their lifestyle… Amidst the laughter, songs and folktales about heroic deeds and mythical characters, there was my father’s smile and my mother’s luminous face.

The taverna was where my parents worked.

My Private Collection of Original Pieces of Art


By Nikos Ligidakis

Legendary chef Nikos Ligidakis demonstrates in this book his priceless culinary knowledge. Nikos's passion for the art spills over onto every page of this extraordinary book. Over 400 recipes are in this book. Each recipe brings forth a taste that the culinary artist has brought to life with creative eyes and clever hand.

Nikos presents his creations in a visual, elegant simplicity. “”My concept of dessert making and designing is about quality and simplicity,”” says the chef. As you read this book you may find yourself puzzling over the complexity of many of the desserts. What a dizzying array of ingredients, you may think. One cake alone can be a blending of several different cakes, mousses, syrups, and chocolates. Many take dedication and time to create. “”The best doesn't come easy,”” says Nikos. Deep thought and love of flavors created the recipes. Such concentration is required by the chef who brings each masterpiece to life.

Some recipes may be difficult but none of them are “”work””. Understanding the man behind this book will help you apply a positive perspective in every area of your life. To never be intimidated, start with a simple recipe, and then challenge yourself to something more difficult. Soon you will tackle the impressive cakes. In no time you will be creating your own recipes in a way you might not have thought possible. What better way to grow than with Nikos's book as your primer? It's one of the only times in life you'll get to eat your mistakes and love it!

Pantnude, A Storied Life


by Jack Larsen

A Humorous collection of short stories in the fictional life of Patnude Sheekey, a mortician in the mining town of Globe, Arizona. Working closely with I. M. Best of Best Funeral home, he meets a host of quirky characters, some alive and some dead.


Poetry and the Feelings of the Heart


by Edward David

We all have hopes and dreams. In this book, you will find poems about love, the sea, animals, peace, and many other objects of interest. And yes you will find poems about love and dreams.

Poetry and The Right to Dream


by Edward David

We all have hopes and dreams. In this bookyou will find poems about love, the sea, animals, peace and many other objects of interest. And yes you will find poems about hope and dreams.

Poetry and the Sea


by Edward David

Oh, recognize the beauty of the world. And the beauty of a woman’s heart. The blessing of children that rings joy in life. The many things that God has given to man and to have a loving wife. The arts of poetry we have to enjoy. And I hope that what is written you will read and enjoy. It has been written for you.

Poetry And The Secret Of Life Book II


by Edward David

We all have hopes and dreams. In this book you will find poems about love, the sea, animals, peace and many other objects of interest. And yes you will find poems about hope and dreams.


Power And Defiance


By Nikos Ligidakis

Power and Defiance is historical fiction that is based on a true story and actual events. This is a project that has taken over eight years to develop. My intent was to create a narrative that didn’t simply tell a story but was also meant to both challenge and enlighten the reader.

This book is a labor of love. It is about the integrity of individual freedom and the intense struggle for social justice. Such deep matters require not only profound thoughts in the writing, but also equally reflective thoughts in the reading. The reader will find such thoughts throughout the pages of this book and hopefully will be challenged to recognize the heroism of those individuals who are perceived to be ordinary and to simultaneously re-examine the character of those who proclaim themselves to be righteous and just.

All the contents of this book are my liability and fault and have their origination in my own experiences, observations and creative conjecture. Power and Defiance is written in a unique format that unfolds slowly, yet grips the reader’s curiosity and emotions almost immediately. This is not a book for the faint of heart. It is rather a book intended to generate a serious emotional and intellectual response from the reader. It is a serious book about a very serious subject.

The narrative includes the trials of several individuals, a great number of historical facts, my own personal philosophy and political ideologies as well as numerous letters reflecting my own personal thoughts. I consider Power and Defiance to actually be three books synthesized into one. As you turn the pages of the first few chapters, I urge the reader to be patient, especially with the opening chapters. The format of the story may initially be a bit difficult to comprehend because it attempts to deal with tremendously complex issues that are not often discussed these days in our twenty-four hour news cycles and their underlying thought processes. Additionally, the book contains a tremendous amount of information, written in a fused manner, which integrates historical fact with ideology, philosophy and personal observations.

To make your reading easier, under the heading of several chapters you will notice captions such, Thoughts, Memories, Observations, History, Lessons, etc. These extra chapters have been included to enhance the comprehensive picture I am attempting to portray of the political, social and ideological landscape of the times and not to interfere with the trials of the individual characters involved in the unfolding story. The stories of these characters that are scattered throughout the hundreds of pages do not include a caption under the heading of the chapter.

Power and Defiance is written in a first person format. The names of the real characters have been changed while others have been created fictionally. You will meet and hopefully come to empathize and respect the complex individuals in this book who live in complex times, and who are caught in the whirlpool of history with so much to cherish, share and overcome. Consider that, as history continues its unfolding process, these individuals could be you!

Thank you for your interest in this very compelling subject. I look forward to your feedback after digesting my thoughts and my sincere efforts to engage you in a serious dialogue regarding the fatalistic affects of Power and Defiance in both our individual and collective lives.

Rafie the Rattlesnake, Come Home!


Rafie is a young rattlesnake with a love for adventure that takes him far from home and into danger. He soon realizes that home is safer and rushes to return to his den before the cold of winter arrives.

Rafie, Coloring Book


Rafie is a young rattlesnake with a love for adventure that takes him far from home and into danger. He soon realizes that home is safer and rushes to return to his den before the cold of winter arrives.

Real Bread


By Lesa Caldarella-Wong

In 1994, I traveled to Africa on two separate occasions during one of the most tumultuous times in the history of that continent. My usual assignment was stateside in marketing and communications, working with volunteers and churches to raise funds and awareness for humanitarian causes. The purpose of my travel was to gain insight into the needs of the people we served, to visit projects currently sponsored by the organization, and to deliver supplies to children who had survived the massacre in Rwanda.

In that capacity, I was able to witness firsthand the impact and tragedy of poverty, war, famine, landmines, and the awful genocide in Rwanda, as well as rejoice in the election and inauguration of Nelson Mandela as South Africa’s first black president.  The genocide in Rwanda was unique as the most horrific systematic murder of people in a 100-day span as the world stood by, watching without action and turning a blind eye to the holocaust.  I am humbled and grateful for the trans-formative and sobering lessons of that journey.

And although the poetry in this volume is not strictly autobiographical, it is inspired and informed by my experiences and,in some cases, directly reflective of my trip notes and journals.  My experiences in Africa have shaped my world view over the last twenty years. I am forever mindful of mankind’s responsibility to look beyond their own world and to live lives of compassion and awareness.