Our Vision

Over ten years ago, when we started developing the Black Sun book series, our vision was to create a unique and entertaining project.
From day one, there was no illusion that this would be an effortless undertaking.
Success in such meaningful projects requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance.
The first step of our plan was to develop a substantial inventory of books – our focus was not on the sales of the books but emphasis on the narrative, creating solid characters, and introducing the readers to new universes.
Now, after producing seven books, we have assembled a team of talented individuals dedicated to the project’s success. We are ready to create several seasons with multiple Black Sun anime series episodes.


  • The publishing of more Black Sun books will continue.
  • There is an online merchandise shop with an impressive selection of gifts.
  • Our musicians composed the Black Sun Music Theme.
  • A song, part of the first episode, is almost ready for production. Our musicians composed the music and one of our female singers will do the vocals.’
  • There is a plan for a Black Sun music album of ten songs performed by our female singers as solo and as a duet.
  • In process is the production of Book I to a unique audiobook involving multiple voices from our voice actors.
  • The Black Sun author will write 15- to 20-minute theater-style episodes to broadcast from our podcast.
  • We will create several movie prequels after publishing the tenth book (our goal is to produce 30 Black Sun books).
  • We are planning to design Comic Books based on the Black Sun Series
  • And further, in the future, we will do a Black Sun video game.
  • We will continue doing trade shows, book festivals, comic cons, anime festivals, and
    fundraising events.

Partnership Benefits

There are several benefits to becoming a partner of the Black Sun Anime Series.
The following projects will share royalties with our partners.

  • Book sales. At this time, there are seven published Black Sun books. The author is working on the eighth book, and we aim to produce 30 books.
  • Kindle and Audiobooks.
  • International distributors fees to have an exclusive right to sell books in their country.
  • International publishers willing to publish the books in their native language.
  • Merchandise sales
  • Anime Series sales
  • Major US film streamer to have an exclusive right to the Anime Series.
  • From Video Games and Comic Books.
  • Tax credits


Contact information
Nikos Ligidakis
C 480-2683824