Counting in the Woods with Cleo-cat-tra


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by Lucy T. Geringer

Lucy T. Geringer combines children’s love for animals with their innate love of learning in exploring nature through numbers, and imparts concepts every child should know in Counting in the Woods with Cleo-cat-tra.

Author Geringer leads her gentle characters down a path of discovery in a natural wonderland of woods, meadows and ponds, discovering more creatures around every bend in the trail. Early learners absorb basic number concepts as they travel from page to page, and explore the fun interactive activities at the end of the book, typical of the Cleocat series.

An illustrated glossary reveals new facts about each creature featured in the book. “I want readers to take away an appreciation of animals in their natural habitats, or in the reader’s own back yard, and to naturally apply counting skills to animals and objects they encounter every day,” states this qualified, child-centered author.

Well-crafted and meticulously designed to aid young readers in assimilating counting skills, the full color pages will appeal to young readers. They will want to walk through the woods with Cleo-cat-tra and Mario over and over again.

About the Author

As a former elementary teacher, Lucy T. Gerringer educated children for more than 27 years. She applied her knowledge and understanding of young children to developing the Cleo-cat-tra series of Early Concept Books for children ages 2-6. She holds a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Georgia and takes great pride in writing early reader books that are fun to read and educational at the same time.

About the Illustrator

Elly Evans earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Florida. She taught English to speakers of other languages at Daytona Beach Community College, and later became an ESOL paraprofessional at her sons’ elementary school where she loved working with children for many years. As a child, Elly always loved drawing pictures and appreciated good illustrations in children’s books. Both of these interests have continued through college and beyond.


“Share in your child’s discovery of numbers and connect children with nature, making learning fun
It is one of the best counting books I have seen and it is definitely one I will share with my Math Methods students. I appreciate that the illustrations are realistic. Counting in the Woods with Cleo-cat-tra engages children in counting animals in their natural habitats. The clever use of a number line throughout the text will help children establish relationships between the numerals and the numbers of objects, as well as encourage comparisons of quantities. This interactive book, together with its supplementary activities, is sure to provide teachers, parents and children with many delightful explorations of the numbers zero to ten.”
– Patricia D. Hunsader
Ph.D., Mathematics and Literary Education
University of South Florida

“A delightful childhood companion encouraging the love of beauty, nature and numbers. Cleo-cat-tra’s
curiosity ignites a child’s interest in counting while introducing the identification of many animals, birds, and insects ready to be discovered in the natural world. Parents and teachers will find the glossary information enlightening and the suggested activities appropriate for their child’s entrance into the love of learning.”
– Joyce Geary
Master of Arts Degree
Certified Elementary K-8
Reading and Gifted Education Specialist

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