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Sean & Maui! Salesman & Sales Puppy!


By Sean Steimer
Illustrations by Andrew Morales

Sean and Maui are the best of friends. They love to sell all sorts of things together, but they especially love to sell cars and houses. Sean is a salesperson who loves to help people. Maui is his puppy assistant and she loves to please people. Together they are a super sales team!



By Ray Torres III

Seazoria is about an enormous dragon that wakes up from its long slumber underneath the ground in Nevada. Though it’s unknown how this dragon came about, it certainly makes for an interesting discovery. Its origin is mythical, but has a conflict of existing in a modern time affected by The Nuclear Arms Race.


Seeking Justice


By W. Ward Neuman

Three millionaires decide to use their energy, determination and resources to help others solve the problems and injustices that “the system” cannot. When there’s no one there to help a battered wife, an elderly couple who are scammed by an unscrupulous contractor, a father whose daughter was raped and murdered by a worthless sociopath who got off on a technicality, they step in and take over.

Although initially successful in their new roles as vigilantes, they find that seeking justice comes at a price, including time spent behind bars, personal injury, and other losses that exceed anything they could possibly have imagined.

Their missions become more dangerous and complex, building up to their final challenge of taking out a group of hijackers who are repeatedly robbing and kidnapping tourists in a Central American country. But they find that there is much more to this band of terrorists than they were led to believe, and achieving their goal will likely stretch them beyond their limits.

Short Stories


These are unique stories to sit and read a fire with flames twisting and flickering and burning bright.

Silent Friends


by Gene Hoopes

Gene Hoopes was one of those remarkable, yet humble human beings that you would like to meet and spend time with. Though I never met my paternal great-grandfather, as he passed away in 1967 and I was born in 1969, I feel that I knew him from his history and his writings. Gene Hoopes was an adventurous, resourceful, and creative person. These traits can be traced through his entire life from his time as a captain in the Army Air Service during World War I, to being president and general manager of the Union Drawn Steel Co. in his hometown of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania after the war, and president of various banks in Pennsylvania. But what really intrigued my great-grandfather was the spirit and rustic beauty of the American West and the untold stories waiting there. He decided to leave Beaver Falls after the Union Drawn Steel Co. was purchased by Republic Steel Co. and travel to the West, where he finally settled in Prescott, Arizona. There he established a dude ranch and penned several books, of which Silent Friends was one of his first and some say finest. He loved animals, and when you read this book, you will immediately fall in love with the fun and adventurous tale of Gene Hoopes four-legged animal friends. My parents, who live in Skull Valley, where my great grandfather had his dude ranch, did a great deal of research on Gene Hoopes. They uncovered many interesting facts and anecdotes about his time in Arizona. My parents have the original books that my great-grandfather published in the 1950s, and I have them to thank for their inspiration to bring this book and the others Gene Hoopes wrote, into print again so that you may enjoy some classic writing and heartwarming storytelling. My love and thanks go to my maternal grandmother for providing a safe and quiet environment in which I could compile and organize the original books to be digitized and transmitted to my friends at Inkwell Productions, who have been gracious and helpful with the process of preparing this and the other books for production. In this busy and hectic twenty-first century, I feel that, with the advent of advanced technology, we have missed taking a breath. We need to step back for a moment and see the beauty in nature and in the animals that God has provided us for company. My great-grandfather did and, during and after reading this book, you will momentarily be taken to a more peaceful world.

Souls in Packages


Souls in Packages is a deep, honest and raw journey into finding yourself, peeling all the social masks given and acquired through our lives, letting others see who you really are. This is our life, this is our time, we have thousand of excuses not to take the chance, but only one to move forward and be the authors of our dreams. Time doesn’t pass unmarked, and accepting all stages in life and the new beauty as we age is part of the personal transformation as we face out second wind.

Tales of a Dude Wrangler


by Gene Hoopes

Jim Dawson, Head wrangler of the Lazy R. Dude Ranch, and a man of remarkable character and imagination, is the central figure of these wise and entertaining tales of the Far West.

With his slow grin, his drawling speech, his guitar, and his seemingly inexhaustible supply of stories, Jim was the terror and delight of the dude ranchers. There was never the occasion when Jim lacked a story to tell. Many of these purported to come from his own experience, as when he was asked to join Buffalo Bill’s Wild-West Show; shot a man in a saloon brawl; or when he watched baby rattle snakes dancing to the tune of “Yankee Doodle.” He also had a rich supply of Indian and western folklore, drawing on a stock containing such wonders as moving mountains, “Methuselum” crickets, superstitious snakes, and Indian-snatching buzzards.

Those familiar with American folk-heroes and legends will recognize in Jim Dawson the composite appeal of a host of popular characters. Those who love a good yarn for its own sake (and who doesn’t) can open any page at random. Here's a feast!

The Black Sun Trilogy Boxset


It is a harsh existence for the Flint Brothers. Hunted from one end of the galaxy to another by their late mother’s enemies, forced into hiring themselves out to different ships and crews in order to survive, the brothers endure the bleakest of livelihoods. Then a mysterious yet alluring stranger comes before them with something they can’t refuse: an offer of hope.

That hope is U-7501, a prototype warship of unrepresented power. She is docked within Rochelle Station, one of the most secure fortresses to exist. Completely ready to be stolen.

Rochelle is both technologically advance and heavily defended. To sneak in and steal this prized warship will require the perfect mixture of cunning, verve, and luck. It sounds nearly impossible, but as the brothers and their crew of rogues and scoundrels discover, it is only when they set sail with their prize that the impossible really happens.

The Dark Revery Series Book 2: Trepidation


by Timothy Woolsey

Things intensify as Todd continues his plan to save his brother Ryan. His secret about the Djinn becomes harder to disguise under the explanations of hypnosis when the Djinn war against humans begins to take shape.  Todd works hard to manage the situations that come up, but now finds himself battling on two fronts, the physical world and the dream plain.

The Extraordinary life of Bill O’Brien


Far more than an “I did this, I saw that” book, Bill O’Brien’s story is an inspirational saga about adventure, excitement, achievement, the importance of character, and how an “ordinary Arizona Irish cowboy” overcame obstacles and challenges to achieve success in unique and creative ways. An entertaining, compelling story written by a master storyteller about one of Arizona’s most intriguing characters, here’s a perfect gift for your family, friends, clients, employees, and business associates.

The Facilitator


The Facilitator keeps the reader in suspense as it builds to a climax that is both surprising and ingenious.

The Four Gospels


By W. John Cocke

Copying the Bible by hand is a very old spiritual exercise in both Christianity and Judaism.

Unfortunately, the development of the printing press, starting in the 15th century, made the practice of this craft less common. The present work was finished in 1999. At that time, it seemed to be the only calligraphic edition of the four Gospels available in English.

It is appropriate to mention here a few points about the present work. First, the italicized words appearing in the most editions of the King James Version indicate clarifying additions to earlier versions. This distinction seems unnecessary, and in this work the text has been written uniformly. Second, large capitals are used here at the start of certain verses where some editions begin a new paragraph.

The scribe has carefully compared this copy with type-set editions, and he would appreciate being notified of any mistakes.

The Golden Legions Of Hope


by Nan C. Cataldi

In the electrifying end to “The Keys of Being Trilogy” the mortal Guardian of Wren, Nicky Kirkland, finds himself in the middle of the battle to save the world. The Earth, as we know it, is collapsing on itself, and humans and animals alike are being impact from the strength of the growing forces of evil. He must join the Golden Legion of Wren to fight against the wicked sorceress who will stop on nothing to take control of everyone and everything. Will they be able to end the threat once and for all?

The Hidden Portal to Wren


by Nan C. Cataldi

Our Earth is collapsing from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other environmental catastrophes. The balance can only be restored by uniting the four Keys of Being. Teen Nicky Kirkland is approached by the magical, spirit Fae-rens to be the new human Guardian of their realm. Now he must fight against the Evil One and his sorcerers to return the Key of Healing & Rebirth through a mystical portal to the secret world of Wren. It will be the race of his life!

The Immortality Complex


by Dr. Jerome Schulte

In Dr. Jerome Schulte s book, The Immortality Complex , he lists three things that are the philosophical theorems of his book: the essence of humanness is need, the essence of need is feelings, and the essence of feeling is growth. Need is the continued growth through feelings. He contends that people don t delve into their feelings near enough to the detriment of their selves. He discusses feelings in depth and the need for love and unconditional love and the problems with the lack thereof. Sexuality is vastly important to the self and to the sharing of sex with one that is important to the self. Dr. Jerome Schulte has worked with small children, juveniles, and adults as criminals and potential criminals and has his theories as to why they were bent that way and ways in which help could be accorded. If you have an interest in psychology or even an interest in people in general, you will be interested in reading The Immortality Complex by Dr. Jerome Schulte. The doctor discusses what is necessary to be a mentally healthy human. He also delves into the criminal personality which gets quite interesting. The doctor has 40 years of working with people. To aid them in many problems that they may have, he has studied the psychology of the mentally ill as well as those with a criminal bent, even young children. A spell-binding book!

The Lost Key Of Being


When a young boy unknowingly recovers one of the Keys of Being from an old jacket, he meets the magical Fae-rens, protectors of Gaeya (Earth). They have come from the past on a quest to return the key to its proper place. But they are not the only ones interested in the Elka, the Key of Healing and Rebirth. The entire world is in danger from the Evil One and his followers, who want to use the key for a more sinister purpose…