Witness the destructive force of Basurah, The Tectonic Monster!

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by Ray Torres

See Basurah create tsunamis!

See Basurah create earthquakes!

See Basurah create volcanic eruptions!

It is early 1993. A giant monster has finally appeared in daylight. The world is stunned! What is more frightening is how this monster uses the Earth’s natural forces as a resource for its own arsenal in destruction. It is a violent killer. Its strength holds no boundaries. It is the one people fear the most. It is the chief reason why the government hides the existence of giant monsters. It is Basurah, The Tectonic Monster!

In a span of over thirty years, unanswered events occur in Mexico. Other mysterious events occur in Africa. Then more unanswered events occur in the United States. Fear spreads. As information continues trickling towards Capitol Hill, it becomes evident all of the occurrences tie to the Tectonic Monster.

The world must not know. Secrecy is key. The general public is not ready to accept this new force of nature.

Doctor Lisa Reynolds returns, once again, interrupted for the second time in Africa. She is ordered to return to the U.S. Upon arrival, she finds out her orders came from General Roger Kramer of the United States Military X-Bravo division. He believes she may be tied to its origin in Africa and can help defeat it.

The Tectonic Monster finally makes landfall in the United States. It is shown live on television worldwide. The destruction is catastrophic. The aftermath is beyond apocalyptic proportions.

General James Kelley, Bones Croskull, and Secretary of Defense Mitch Bovain of X-Alpha meet with X-Bravo for the first time. The subject matter is a top-secret government file code named Red Zone. As more information regarding the Tectonic Monster unfolds, General Roger Kramer begins to realize they are in a monster war, fighting multiple forces beyond the challenges of man.

As the United States Military prepares for war, an underground motley rebel group of modern-day outlaws, known as the Legion of Chaos, set out to exploit the government for knowing about the existence of giant monsters. However, before their approach to Capitol Hill, unexpected events slingshot them into a position where they can possibly make an impact in the war and join the fight. Giant monsters do exist! The world watches! Witness the destructive force of Basurah, The Tectonic Monster!

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