An Unbelievable Truth


By Joshua Ryan Erwin

“An Unbelievable Truth” ~ A modern approach to what it might be like to be born with an exceptional ability.

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By Joshua Ryan Erwin

An Unbelievable Truth is the first riveting book of a series by the same name. It takes a long look from a modern perspective at the struggles and hardships that accompany what might normally be considered an incredible or envious ability.

Daymion Truth is a young man who, like all young people, is trying to discover who he is and what his purpose in life may be. That is an extremely trying time for any young adult; however, it is even more so for him. You see, this is the tale of a man who has been born with an exceptional, almost superhuman, ability.

About the Author

Joshua Ryan Erwin is a young, new and exciting author. He has taught a hip hop dance class at a University, toured the country as a musical opening act, played the lead in numerous stage productions, worked in casting for major motion pictures and television, dabbled in cinematography for a film in which he also played one of the leads, and is now currently writing what will be the third book of his new dark fiction series totaling six books.

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