Black Sun: Gold of the Lost Empire


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by Daniel Crux

More and more the Flints’ fortunes continue to accumulate while the stories of their most recent triumph circulate across the galaxy. Despite these achievements, however, the brothers are still a long way from matching their legendary mother, let alone claiming her legacy. Which is precisely when a possible new venture enters their midst. Once lost for whole millennia, an almost mythical world of gold has now been rediscovered. It lies well within the Flints’ grasp. They need only reach. Yet as they embark on this new endeavor, Jonathan and Alexander find they are not the only pirates seeking this treasure, as an old enemy reemerges to challenge their claim. Now embroidered in this race for the gold, the Flints must sail into unknown territory, as well as keep the competition at bay through any means available. All the while an unforeseen third entity watches the Flints’ progress with keen interest…

About the author

Daniel Crux is an up and coming science fiction author and the creator of the Black Sun space opera series. He lives in a small, nowhere town called Phoenix, Arizona, where he usually spends his days doing one of two things: dreaming and writing. When he’s not doing either, chances are he’s wasting his life away by watching movies or playing video games, if not visiting local bookstores to see how the “other half” lives. Unable to find work shortly after leaving college, his family encouraged him to pursue his desire to write and build his business from that. Thus, for the following years, he focused on writing, eventually producing the Black Sun series. Beyond his passion for writing and his love of science fiction, he is also an amateur historian who loves reading and researching various historical topics, which oft times translates into his work.

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