What is the Black Sun

Black Sun is an epic space opera series focused on a band of space pirates who, under the employ of a mysterious yet captivating patron, embark into the galaxy to seek out its greatest mystery, as well as claim a once-lost family legacy. All the while gaining much wealth and treasure along the way. The series is presently at six books, with a minimum of ten and a maximum of thirty books planned altogether.

Each of these books are divided into sets of ten – which the author refers to as “sagas” – with each saga pertaining to the beginning, middle and end of the overall series. Though the overall plot remains constant throughout each book, the characters in question explore a multitude of adventures, whether it be a simple acquisition of treasure or a side conflict that necessitates their involvement. This is made possible by an expansive, deeply immersive setting, an entire galaxy of potential and possibility, to say nothing of the factions and inhabitants therein.

Overall, Black Sun can best be described as a cross between a modern space opera and a swashbuckler adventure, combining both old and new story elements and tropes into a most unique experience – one well apart from any to the present day.


The Books

The development of Black Sun began in 1914 when a young author, Dustin Corallo, partnered up with the owner of Inkwell Books.

Nikos Ligidakis is known in the community for working and helping young, upcoming authors to develop, publish, and distribute their work; among the hundreds of authors he worked with, he recognized something special about this one young author.

The next seven years were devoted to writing and fine-tuning the storyline. Although Dustin kept writing, he is currently in his eighth book and planning to develop 30 books. The team’s focus has taken another direction – to become an anime series. The black sun project is ten years in the making.


The Anime Series

Season One of the Anime Series

Four episodes based on Book I of the Black Sun Series: The Rise of the Flint Pirates

Several more episodes of the same book to follow for Season Two.


Our Vision

For the past ten years we prepared The Black Sun to be a major success.

There is already an inventory of seven books, enough to create several seasons of the Anime Series and thirty books planned altogether.  Inkwell books will continue publishing the Black Sun Book Series for at least ten more years, a period which the author Daniel Crux has a contract.

We have assembled a team of talented young individuals dedicated to the success of the project.  The Black Sun team is planing to have a long relationship with Cartoon Essence, one of the best anime production companies.


Other Projects

  • Audiobooks:
    • We are currently in production to create theater style audiobooks.
  • Comic Books:
    • We began the process of designing Black Sun comic books.
  • Music:
    • Our musicians have created the Black Sun Theme Music and the first song of the Black Sun series. We are in the process of fine-tuning them.
    • We are planing to produce another 10 to 12 Black Sun Songs.
    • Our two female performers will perform the songs as individuals as well as a duet.
  • Video Games:
    • A Black Sun video game is in our plans.
  • Merchandise:
  • Conventions:
    • Anime, Comic Con and Book Festivals
  • Social media
  • Podcasts
    • Live episode Podcasts
  • Distrubution:
    • Distributors – our books are with major distributors such as Ingram




Partnership Benefits

There are several benefits to becoming a partner of the Black Sun Anime Series.

The following projects will share royalties with our partners.

  • Book sales.
    • At this time, there are seven published Black Sun books. The author is working on the eighth book, and we aim to produce 30 books.
    • Paper, Kindle, and Audiobooks.
  • International distributors fees to have an exclusive right to sell books in their country.
  • International publishers willing to publish the books in their native language.
  • Merchandise sales
  • Anime Series sales
  • Fees from distributors willing to have an exclusive right in the US.
  • Video Games and Comic Books.


Partnership Contact Information

Nikos Ligidakis
C 480-268-3824