Poetry and the Feelings of the Heart


by Edward David

We all have hopes and dreams. In this book, you will find poems about love, the sea, animals, peace, and many other objects of interest. And yes you will find poems about love and dreams.

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by Edward David

We all have hopes and dreams. In this book, you will find poems about love, the sea, animals, peace, and many other objects of interest. And yes you will find poems about love and dreams.

These books have been written for the reader’s enjoyment by the writer and poet Edward David. The poetry books have been written in the traditional style in metrical form and rhyme.

About the author

Edward David is an eighty two year old man and has done many things in his lifetime.

He grew up in the small historical town of North Tarrytown on the Hudson River in New York State. At the age of six he wrote his first poem. At the age of seven his curiosity got the better of him. After school, he decided to see what was up the road. He walked from North Tarrytown to Yonkers a distance of ten miles. After he had walked to Yonkers, he started to feel hungry and decided that it was time to turn around and go back he took a wrong turn and lost his way and ended up in a housing devilment. Well, he thought he had better knock on some one’s door and get directions to North Tarrytown. So he knocked on the door of the house closest to him. A young lady came to the door and he asked her which way it was to North Tarrytown. She promptly snatched him taking him inside and locking the front door then called the police. Soon two local police men came. They questioned him and decided that he was the lost boy that earlier they had a missing report on. The two policemen put him in the back seat then drove to an ice cream parlor and bought him an ice cream cone. They drove to the town’s border and radioed ahead to the police from the next town. When they arrived at the next town, they transferred him to that town’s police car and drove him to the next town’s border and transferred him to their police car. That was the way it went until he arrived home. When he got home his mother cooked up some oatmeal. While he was eating, his father said to eat up it will stick to your ribs. He often thought maybe that was what was wrong with him that he had to much oatmeal stock to his ribs. He went to bed after his uneventful exploration. He had not been tired and had walked over ten miles. He was just bored. The towns he had passed through were just like his town.

At the age of thirteen while in the seventh grade, he became an avid reader. The first class of the day was reading class. The students checked out a book and were given three weeks to read it and in the forth week to turn in a book report. Well he could not put the book down, reading it through all his other classes reading a book a day for that school year. At the end of the school year, he received his final report card listing all and the final grades, the first subject listed was reading. The grade he received for reading was an A. the rest of the subjects, were all marked with an F. It must have confused his parents. They sent him to a summer school. He passed all the tests and went on to the next grade the following school year.

While in his young teens he spent much of his time walking the endless Rockefeller Estate. The estate was very extensive with many miles of woods and lakes and Eagle Mountain there were fields and a briskly flowing stream of water. On the land,there were wild deer running free on the estate.

Like so many youths of the day he had spent several years as a Boy Scout then quit and joined the Sea Scouts. At a young age he earned his spending money at various jobs. He worked as a news paper boy and caddying at a country club and setting pins at the local bowing alley.

At age seventeen he joined the Army serving three years in an infantry company during the Korean War. After that he joined the Air force during the Vietnam War.

When honorably discharged he went to work for Pan American Airways in New York City as an aircraft mechanic. After about six years, he quit and moved with his wife and two daughters to Phoenix Arizona. It was a calmer place to raise the children. He worked in a large machine works as one of the managers. During his lifetime he has worked as a new car and truck salesman. Then he had tried phone sales for a couple of years. He worked as a manager in a grocery store. He had worked as a night watch man for a large lumber company in New York City and security for a large food store chain. During his life he has worked other odd jobs. He is now a writer and formal writing poet.

When growing up in North Tarrytown in up state New York, occasionally his father took him to union meetings of the United Auto Workers Union. He saw and felt the pain the workers felt when they stood and aired their grievances.

He lived through the time of the Second World War with Japan, Germany and Italy and saw the end of the war. When the people danced in the street and the troops came home.

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