My Collection of Original Desserts: The Art of Creative Baking


by Nikos Ligidakis

Award-winning chef and author Nikos Ligidakis demonstrates in his books his priceless culinary knowledge. Nikos gained national acclaim for combining the Mediterranean region’s cuisine in all its tantalizing flavors and with the full force of imagination. His cuisines are exotic and familiar, and his charitable work and idiosyncratic cooking style have made him a local legend.

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New Edition
Including Recipes For healthy Diets

by Nikos Ligidakis

The recipient of multiple book awards.

Nikos Ligidakis is an award-winning chef who has studied in great depth the wonders of food creations. He is known for his exotic creations, for his fresh, stunning works of culinary art. He is also known as an author who shares his knowledge of food with great pride and an accumulation of years of study. In other words, he knows his food. His recent book, My Collection of Original Desserts: The Art of Creative Baking, is a passionate look at sweet endings. The book begins with a background on the author and his aim of baking excellence. It then progresses into a concise sharing of his culinary knowledge: a list of ingredients and ingredient alternatives, how each ingredient works with other ingredients, culinary do’s and don’ts, a fascinating account on what he terms “The Chocolate Addiction,” and so much more. Then come the recipes, complete with mouth-watering images of the finished creations. The recipes are well laid out with concise and thorough instructions. This chef/author obviously uses his imagination and his expertise to create some of the most exquisite sweet delights. This book is a must-have for any cookbook collector or anyone adventurous enough to make the ultimate dessert

As a writer, my aspiration has always been to share my perspective on what it means to be a human being, in all its complexities. I wanted to tell a story that reflects a comparative importance of political structures, religions and histories of the past. My books represent a lifelong dream of putting into narrative form, my many observations of the brilliance and kindness of the human spirit: people at their worst and people at their best. It is my intention to engage the reader in the process of observing history in both times past and in current day happenings for the sole purpose of gaining greater clarity in the shaping of one’s own approach to life and the deepening of individual insight.” Nikos Ligidakis

Award: GOLD


Winner in the 2019 Nautilus Book Awards program!

Award-Winning Finalist in the Cookbook category of the 2020 International Book Awards”

2020 Living Now Bronze award winner: COOKBOOKS – ETHNIC, HOLIDAY, SPECIALTY

Award: Five Stars


Winner in the 2019 Readers Favorite Awards

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