by Nikos Ligidakis

This is more than a cookbook – It is about food for a lifetime.




by Nikos Ligidakis

This is more than a cookbook – It is about food for a lifetime.

Nationally recognized chef Nikos Ligidakis demonstrates in this book his priceless culinary knowledge. There are over 250 original recipes in this unique book, each carefully crafted for those who are eating healthy diets such as elimination, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, recipes to celebrate life’s special moments and much more. Included in this book is the nutritional information of each ingredient used, calorie-counts for the main ingredients of each recipe, information about flavors and textures of foods and various cooking techniques to intensify the flavors. Also, included are historical facts about several foods, especially the ancient grains, and tips on how to simplify your cooking process and create new tastes. There is abundant information in this book to help you enhance your cooking skills and help you to follow a healthy diet without compromising the taste.

Ligidakis gained national acclaim for combining the full tantalizing flavors of the Mediterranean region with an imaginative presentation. His success is credited to the fact that he has created a cuisine that is at once both exotic and familiar. Nikos has become a legend locally both for his selfless charitable involvement and his idiosyncratic style of cooking. He prides himself on his culinary creativity, use of quality ingredients, freshness, consistency, and the fact that he prepares everything from scratch.

About the author

Award winning author, Nikos Ligidakis, writes with clarity and passion in an ardent voice, not to just recount adventures, but with an expression of feelings, to encourage the reader to think, to find hope in the eternal struggle for the meaning of life and the awareness of harmony. Nikos is the author of several historical fiction and biography books.

“As a writer, my aspiration has always been to share my perspective on what it means to be a human being, in all its complexities. I wanted to tell a story that reflects a comparative importance of political structures, religions and histories of the past. My books represent a lifelong dream of putting into narrative form, my many observations of the brilliance and kindness of the human spirit: people at their worst and people at their best. It is my intention to engage the reader in the process of observing history in both times past and in current day happenings for the sole purpose of gaining greater clarity in the shaping of one’s own approach to life and the deepening of individual insight.” – Nikos Ligidakis

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