Emotions will be around forever, so ebb and flow with them the best you can.

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by Rebecca Francisco

Emotions will be around forever, so ebb and flow with them the best you can.

In our computerized society, let us stop and give thanks that we, as human beings, are still capable of emotionalism instead of being mechanical robots incapable of, not only individualism, but showing, feeling and sharing emotions.

We should be grateful for the challenge of having the opportunity to deal with each set of circumstances, and each person involved, spontaneously instead of relying on programming.

What a boring world this would be if behavior and/or feelings could be predicted ahead of time, with everyone and everything in its proper slot. Most frightening of all, we would experience no growth without these struggles which I prefer to think of as challenges. As unsettling as things may seem at the moment when we’re engaged in a struggle, we do grow and move ahead from each and every challenge we’re faced with.

Without our ups and downs of emotions we become stagnant. If we have an insensitive race of human beings, we have no emotions, only instead, an unfeeling, uncaring, unsharing dehumanized mass.

My sensitivities tend to work overtime which is not always good either, however, I’m glad, for it has made me a better person.

About the Author:

Rebecca’s dream has always been to be a published author in order to have readers hopefully engage in and relate to her Experiences With Emotions.

She first put pen to paper in the 70’s and 80’s in order to express a multitude of emotions she was dealing with at the time. Some of her poetry is light-hearted and whimsical while some gives off a good feeling of looking back and recalling fond memories. Other works of hers express more heavy, uncomfortable emotions. It wasn’t until 2016 at the encouragement of her husband, that she connected with a publisher who believed in her work and guided her through the processes of getting her first book published.

Rebecca’s day starts at 3:30 am with her up and racing around cleaning up hair balls (or worse), gifts delivered by her 11 indoor cats, feeding the cats, cleaning out litter boxes, and doing a load or two of laundry before getting ready for work and heading out the door to put in 9–10 hours most days, not returning back home until 6:00 or 6:30 pm.

Born in Pennsylvania, she moved to Arizona where she resides with her husband, an artist, and, of course, their many feline companions. Rebecca believes that all human beings struggle with ups and downs of emotions, and that we as humans, through thick and thin, must learn to ebb and flow constantly so we gain strength and rise to the top of every situation we’re faced with. All it takes is drive and determination. She is a survivor and believes all human beings can be survivors if they will just push through the daily struggles and have hope for a fresh new day. Then is all starts over again!

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