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An Unbelievable Truth


By Joshua Ryan Erwin

“An Unbelievable Truth” ~ A modern approach to what it might be like to be born with an exceptional ability.

Basurah, The Tectonic Monster – Book 3


It is early 1993. A giant monster has finally appeared in daylight. The world is stunned! What is more frightening is how this monster uses the Earth’s natural forces as a resource for its own arsenal in destruction. It is a violent killer. Its strength holds no boundaries. It is the one people fear the most.

It is the chief reason why the government hides the existence of giant monsters. It is Basurah, The Tectonic Monster!

Comet, The Ice Monster (The Monster War)


By Ray Torres III

Comet, The Ice Monster is a science fiction story based on the investigation of a mysterious plane crash in Alaska caused by a giant serpent that lies beneath the ice.

In the early winter of 1992, it is a time of chaos in the United States.  The lust for greed and power is fueling society due to a loss of trust in the people’s government, and conflict between the people and their government is imminent.  However, many countries, including the United States, are about to face a bigger situation that will require worldwide effort . . . global warming.  Due to ozone depletion in the North Pole, the massive heat waves have made their way south to the state of Alaska.  The ice is melting and the glaciers are moving. Due to the massive disturbance of not only the surface, but deep down below, a giant serpent is awaken from its icy lair and unleashes itself to the world by breaking through Matanuska Glacier in Alaska. It makes its first sign of existence by causing a plane crash, killing an entire team of environmental expedition scientists. The government immediately assigns a rescue team to fly out to Alaska and investigate the wreckage for possible survivors.

The rescue team consists of four people, all with different backgrounds of expertise in various fields of science and national defense. They are Roger Kramer, an active officer in training to become a general with the United States Military, Jack Sell, ex-military officer now with the United States Research Center, Dr. Lisa Reynolds, archeologist and historian of the prehistoric age, and Dr. Ishiro Oyama, chief scientist of the USRC with his biggest strengths of study in geographical change and climate control. Together, these four individuals immediately fly out to answer the questions of mystery of the crash in an environment of unforgiving elements.

Delivering Justice


By W. Ward Neuman

W. Ward Neuman has responded to the request of readers of his two novels seeking Justice and Finding Justice, and has written the third book in the series. His three heroes are once again delivering justice for those who were not served in traditional ways. Criminals beware…if they ve got you in their crosshairs, you can run, but you can t hide, not from The Payback Team.

Finding Justice


By W. Ward Neuman

Prologue: Part One

A New Beginning

The meeting began promptly at four o’clock on a glorious fall afternoon. The Payback Team had assembled at Henry’s, their favorite sports bar, and the first order of business, naturally, was to order a large pitcher of Guinness.

Wade “Spike” Courtland, the founder and leader of the group, raised his glass and gave a brief toast: “To a new beginning.” After clinking glasses with his partners, Tommy “Chico” Martin, and Michael “Rocky” MacMillan he suggested that they get right to the point. “Are we going to continue with our mission, or should we just spend our time playing poker and golf until dementia gets the best of us?

“It’s been three weeks since we got back from Guatemala, and so far we’ve kept our agreement not to discuss business. It was great to get in the two rounds of golf, and I know we all enjoyed the weekend we spent cruising on the Chain O’ Lakes in Chico’s Sea Ray, but we need to decide what’s next.

“I’m not really sure where to begin, but let me just put a couple of things on the table for discussion. First of all, we lost one of our team. I don’t know if either of you has fully recovered from seeing Sergeant Callahan murdered right in front of our eyes, I know I sure haven’t. So does that mean that we should hang it up, or, conversely, is that a sign that we should continue with a vengeance?”

It was a rhetorical question, so he didn’t actually expect an answer. They sat in silence for a minute or two, pondering the loss of their fallen comrade. Then Wade continued. “ And what about the list? I have it; it’s right here. Do you remember what Calllahan said just before he cashed? ‘Look in my little black bag… there’s a list I put there…I wrote down some projects I wanted us to tackle when we get back in operation again…’

“Well, I guess you could argue that we owe it to him to check out the list again; I know you both looked at it on the plane on the way back from Guatemala, but now we ought to do more than just glance at it.

“And you haven’t talked about it since it happened, but I know you both paid a price for getting involved in our cause. A broken rib, a broken jaw, a concussion, the better part of a day in jail and in court. I’m sure you weren’t planning on that when you signed on six months ago.”

Rocky and Chico both rolled their eyes as if to say “Let’s hope we never have to go through anything like that again.

“Okay, you haven’t brought it up, so I guess I’ll just say it. Rob’s gone. That wouldn’t have happened if we had just taken a pass on this crazy undertaking. No one has ever loved their son more than I loved Rob, and yes, I’ve thought of the issue that no parent should ever have to bury a child, but that’s now a fact of life in Paula’s and my case. I know you both loved him as well. Rocky, you were his godfather, and you both were there when he came into the world twenty-one years ago. Now we have to focus on accepting what can’t be changed, you know, the serenity prayer. I’m not saying I’ve accomplished it, but I’m working on it.”

As Wade paused for a breath, they suddenly realized that no one had touched a glass to their lips since the toast, ten minutes ago. They spent a minute or two gazing at two young women throwing darts about twenty feet away. Rocky was about to break the ice by commenting on the fact that their looks were in direct contrast to how badly they were playing, when Chico spoke. “Everything you said makes sense. We definitely need to assess whether the gain is worth the pain. A quick conclusion from what you just said would be to wrap it up and pack it in. But you only looked at it from one angle. Think about the results we’ve accomplished. We took out one of the worst drug running cartels in Central America, stopped a hijacking operation that had gone on for years, put an end to a child prostitution ring, and took care of the guy who raped and murdered a fourteen year old girl. I especially liked that one. We can definitely relate, because we each have a daughter. I wish I could be a fly on the wall in that prison for a day. Remember Rocky, you were going to have one of your contacts arrange for a daily dose of prison justice. I really don’t think Mr. Medrano will make it till the end of year one.”

Rocky was about to provide some feedback he had gotten from his contact, but Chico held up his hand in a “let me finish” gesture.

“Okay, that’s just a few of the things we accomplished in only about six months. And I’m not saying that those are reasons why we should continue, but I think someone should bring it up so that we can make the right decision for the right reason. I’m saying that we should look at it from more than one angle. Listen, we’ve known each other for over forty years, going back to when we met in seventh grade. We work well together, we have, as near as I can tell, about eighty million dollars that we can never spend in our lifetimes. We’re all fifty-three years old and in the best of health, and we’re retired. Life has been very good to us…no, it’s been spectacular.

“The point is, we can act like retired guys are supposed to act, or we can continue using our resources to help those who can’t do it on their own. We’ve really done a hell of a job at that so far.”

Rocky finally saw his chance to weigh in. “You both have made a lot of sense, but let’s change course for a minute. I think we should take a look at Callahan’s list and see if that helps us decide which way to go with this.”

Wade was about to respond, but Rocky wasn’t quite finished. “Before we ask Spike to read the list, I have one more thing to say. I think we should…” Rocky stopped in mid-sentence as their attention was drawn to a commotion at the bar. A woman began shouting at a large man in a tacky Hawaiian shirt. They couldn’t make out the words, but it was obvious that both were pretty well wasted. Then, to everyone’s disbelief, he planted a good one on the right side of her head and she went down in a heap, faster than a blink. Time stood still for everyone in the place, and no one moved or spoke, except, of course, for the three members of The Payback Team. ……

Into The Mouth Of The Wolf


This is an epilogue, an apocalypse, and an alchemical allegory. It is a tying together of things to try and stop the unraveling, the addiction to the denouement which lurks at the center of contemporary culture at the black heart of all entertainment and all stories – including our own.



By Ray Torres III

Seazoria is about an enormous dragon that wakes up from its long slumber underneath the ground in Nevada. Though it’s unknown how this dragon came about, it certainly makes for an interesting discovery. Its origin is mythical, but has a conflict of existing in a modern time affected by The Nuclear Arms Race.


Seeking Justice


By W. Ward Neuman

Three millionaires decide to use their energy, determination and resources to help others solve the problems and injustices that “the system” cannot. When there’s no one there to help a battered wife, an elderly couple who are scammed by an unscrupulous contractor, a father whose daughter was raped and murdered by a worthless sociopath who got off on a technicality, they step in and take over.

Although initially successful in their new roles as vigilantes, they find that seeking justice comes at a price, including time spent behind bars, personal injury, and other losses that exceed anything they could possibly have imagined.

Their missions become more dangerous and complex, building up to their final challenge of taking out a group of hijackers who are repeatedly robbing and kidnapping tourists in a Central American country. But they find that there is much more to this band of terrorists than they were led to believe, and achieving their goal will likely stretch them beyond their limits.

The Black Sun Trilogy Boxset


It is a harsh existence for the Flint Brothers. Hunted from one end of the galaxy to another by their late mother’s enemies, forced into hiring themselves out to different ships and crews in order to survive, the brothers endure the bleakest of livelihoods. Then a mysterious yet alluring stranger comes before them with something they can’t refuse: an offer of hope.

That hope is U-7501, a prototype warship of unrepresented power. She is docked within Rochelle Station, one of the most secure fortresses to exist. Completely ready to be stolen.

Rochelle is both technologically advance and heavily defended. To sneak in and steal this prized warship will require the perfect mixture of cunning, verve, and luck. It sounds nearly impossible, but as the brothers and their crew of rogues and scoundrels discover, it is only when they set sail with their prize that the impossible really happens.

The Facilitator


The Facilitator keeps the reader in suspense as it builds to a climax that is both surprising and ingenious.

The Golden Legions Of Hope


by Nan C. Cataldi

In the electrifying end to “The Keys of Being Trilogy” the mortal Guardian of Wren, Nicky Kirkland, finds himself in the middle of the battle to save the world. The Earth, as we know it, is collapsing on itself, and humans and animals alike are being impact from the strength of the growing forces of evil. He must join the Golden Legion of Wren to fight against the wicked sorceress who will stop on nothing to take control of everyone and everything. Will they be able to end the threat once and for all?

The Hidden Portal to Wren


by Nan C. Cataldi

Our Earth is collapsing from earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other environmental catastrophes. The balance can only be restored by uniting the four Keys of Being. Teen Nicky Kirkland is approached by the magical, spirit Fae-rens to be the new human Guardian of their realm. Now he must fight against the Evil One and his sorcerers to return the Key of Healing & Rebirth through a mystical portal to the secret world of Wren. It will be the race of his life!

The Lost Key Of Being


When a young boy unknowingly recovers one of the Keys of Being from an old jacket, he meets the magical Fae-rens, protectors of Gaeya (Earth). They have come from the past on a quest to return the key to its proper place. But they are not the only ones interested in the Elka, the Key of Healing and Rebirth. The entire world is in danger from the Evil One and his followers, who want to use the key for a more sinister purpose…



This story is a work of fiction in the World’s future. Or is it a dream or is it a premonition of what to come. Read this book and make your own decision. For the future holds amazing unbelievable things. Peace dances between the wars that will come in the future of the world.