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End of the Trail


by Gene Hoopes

Gene Hoopes was one of those remarkable, yet humble human beings that you would like to meet and spend time with.

Jim Dawson Returns


Here again, for devotees of Jim Dawson and his tall tales, is a collection of the wrangler’s whoppers at their best. In stories that will stand any dude’s hair on end, Jim tells how he got rid of an unsatisfactory cook (far be it from Dawson to do anything as simple as firing him),… why his horse is called “Hornet,”… how he was arrested for kidnapping, and many, many more hilarious adventures.

Pantnude, A Storied Life


by Jack Larsen

A Humorous collection of short stories in the fictional life of Patnude Sheekey, a mortician in the mining town of Globe, Arizona. Working closely with I. M. Best of Best Funeral home, he meets a host of quirky characters, some alive and some dead.


The Extraordinary life of Bill O’Brien


Far more than an “I did this, I saw that” book, Bill O’Brien’s story is an inspirational saga about adventure, excitement, achievement, the importance of character, and how an “ordinary Arizona Irish cowboy” overcame obstacles and challenges to achieve success in unique and creative ways. An entertaining, compelling story written by a master storyteller about one of Arizona’s most intriguing characters, here’s a perfect gift for your family, friends, clients, employees, and business associates.