I want to thank my publisher Nikos Ligidakis and the team at Inkwell Productions for truly believing in me and supporting my vision for this book. Without them this would not have been possible.

Jessica RandonAuthor

Nick is a true dream maker. From start to finish he’s there every step of the way, helping you to put out the best book you possibly can. He truly cares about the author and the art. Thank you Nick.

Hayley Rose

Meeting Nikos has been a true blessing! As a former journalist, it would not have been sufficient for me to just have a publishing company agree to publish my work. Why? Well the simple answer I needed guidance – coaching from someone who cares if I succeed in my endeavor. Nikos is all that and more! He provides insight and wisdom, challenging you to reach your full potential while you discover your voice! I’m so grateful. I look forward to seeing what we will accomplish together! Thanks Nikos and the Inkwell family.

Ruth Lucas

Thanks for your patience and support. I cannot see how Awakening Oneself would not be even remotely close to being a book if it wasn’t for your role in all this.

Jeff Geiser

I thank Nikos Ligidakis for publishing this book for me. Inkwell Productions is the best publishing company I know of and it’s because of Nikos Ligidakis. I thank my dad or my daddy who found Inkwell Productions as soon as I typed the last word in the book.

Sarah De Castillo

Inkwell Publishing Staff, who tirelessly worked to put the book together. What can I say about Nikos Ligidakis, writing coach and owner of Inkwell Productions. He literally took the manuscript away from me, declaring, “I am going to publish this book.” What a relief; what a joy. Thank you, Nick.

John Milionis